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I’m so glad you’ve decided to purchase a Tiger and Gold piece! Now for how to care for your new jewelry so it lasts you all the brunches, days feeling fabulous at work, girls’ trips, and hot nights out. 

-Please remember these are handmade pieces. They need to be shown some love in how they’re handled. Be gentle with your new earrings. 

-These items are not meant to be left in extreme heat or light. 

-Your earrings can absolutely survive getting wet from a bit of rain (they are from Portland, OR after all) but should not be worn in the pool or shower or otherwise left in water. 

-If your earrings have brass components it’s normal that they will experience some tarnishing over time. You can clean these with dish soap and warm water on a soft cloth or use Brasso metal polish. 

-If your earrings need a little cleaning your best bet is a cotton swab with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

-Please never use nail polish to clean your earrings.

-Although I take many precautions to ensure they're safe, any pieces from the Shattered Glass collections may have sharp edges and may snag anything you use to wipe them. I suggest using canned air to clean these pieces. 

-If the window of your kaleidoscope earrings needs to be cleaned you may use a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and very gently wipe both sides clean. Immediately use the dry end of the cotton swab to dry away any remaining alcohol. 

-Shaker pieces (liquid and glitter filled designs) are more fragile and care should be taken to not puncture them. It is also advised you avoid leaving them in high heat. 

If you have any questions at all about caring for your jewelry please feel welcome to reach out to me and I’ll help the best I can.